About Curly You

Founded in 2014, Curly You Cosmetics specialises in manufacturing and distributing natural and organic hair products for clients on natural hair journey. We pride ourselves in providing our natural hair community with products that have been formulated using the very best of natural and organic ingredients, produced from different parts of the world and tested to ensure that they complement every natural hair’s journey.

It all started with a simple idea – Natural hair products, created by naturals, for natural hair. Hence our guiding philosophy, “Fall in Love with the Natural You”. This concept represents the essence of Curly You. We wanted to create something that captures the beauty and uniqueness of natural hair. Curly You is therefore notably dedicated to celebrating textured hair and creating products that embody its beauty.

We have devoted ourselves to learning more about natural hair. Natural hair is our business which is rich in meaning, culture and self-discovery. We aim at travelling with people who express their personalities as part of a community which is dedicated to their natural beauty and healthy hair growth.

Curly You has set itself a mission of offering the best of cosmetic innovation; quality, efficacy and safety to the natural hair community. We aim at continually exploring new territories and inventing products of the future, while drawing inspiration from natural hair beauty knowledge across the world.

Promoting the beauty of natural hair enables it to be part of the universal conversation relating to African beauty. We believe that there is no single model of beauty, rather beauty is a representation of cultures, periods, history, individuals, geography etc.

We aim at creating an educational platform to celebrate natural hair through continuous collaboration with the natural hair community and our Curly You Partner Network to research more about our diverse natural hair needs and desires. Our desire is to educate our community, with more focus on the younger generation on how to care for and embrace their natural hair.

Curly You will continually create products that will enable you to manage your natural hair without resorting to chemicals that will lead to scalp damage and hair loss.

Our aim is to create natural hair products adapted to the immense diversity of our natural hair community. Products that can become worldwide successes as they are designed with natural hair in mind.

We don’t compromise on quality. We strive to ensure that all our products are made from the very best of ingredients, both organic and natural. We are strong believers in the natural hair movement and what it stands for, as a result, our products do not contain chemicals or any harmful substances.

We have created a collection of different products to ensure that we match the variety of textures and hair issues that exist within our community. Through our varied collection we aim at ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Every member of the Curly You family uses Curly You products. It is one of our fundamental principles. This allows us to test the products on daily basis to ensure that they produce the best results and gives us an opportunity for constant improvement. Our Hair, Our Results. Curly You products are made by ‘Us’ for ‘Us’.

Our Partners / Re-sellers

Are you passionate about natural hair? Or being part of a growing community of business women, men, & young entrepreneurs? We would like the opportunity to partner with you and welcome you into our growing Curly You Family. Curly You partner with salons, stores and independent ambassadors who believe in and are in support of the natural hair movement. Our partners bring products closer to you for the convenience and an opportunity to have a face to face conversation.

Are you interested in becoming one of our reselling partners? Contact customer service on: +27 81 795 6325 or email us at customerservice@curlyyou.co.za

,and one of our Curly You   representatives will get in touch with you as soon possible.